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Using WebObjects, sPearWay developed field acquisition software to collect data from customer assets distributed over a wide geographic area. Our solution enabled sequential and parallel data distribution in a reliable and secure manner.

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Millward Brown Interactive

Using WebObjects and Java, sPearWay helped M.B.I. successfully develop and deploy two web based market research applications. These applications enable Millward Brown’s corporate customers to create surveys and field them on the web using a web intercept method. The application then collects the data, analyzes it and creates a report of the findings.
A typical data collection project involves 5 to 10 million data points and its typical applications would be to measure audience of web sites and the effectiveness of advertising.


Using WebObjects and Java, this new application controls and collects data from electronic lockers remotely. The lockers can be administered remotely via a web based interface.


Port to the Macintosh platform and industrialization in Java and C++ of medical-image software destined to link physicians and laboratories.
Further integration of these libraries in a QuickTime codec to enable image viewing over the Internet.

Matra Datavision

This project was the port of the CAS.CADE 3D Modeling libraries from UNIX to the MacOS. The software is written in C++ and is composed of 1,000,000 lines of code in 10,000 files. It uses advanced Object Oriented Programming.