Custom software development and consulting

sPearWay offers reliable, cost effective and timely multi-platform software development that enables our clients to keep their marketing schedules.

Our experience covers the following:

  • Desktop application development
  • Mobile application development (iOS platform)
  • Web application development
  • Web site design
  • Database solutions
  • User interface design

We are experts at developing Macintosh software from concept to finish. We also enjoy team work with our clients research and technical department. We then act as consultants.The software we create is in Objective-C and Java and is developed on Mac OS and Linux platforms.

Because of many years of technical expertise and our love of excellence, we enjoy helping our clients overcome the technical hurdles standing between them and their customers. Our many years of experience have given us impressive technical skills to solve even the most challenging and unique problems.

Our wide range of services gives our clients the flexibility to outsource any part of their development project. We can either help write a project’s specifications or we can handle the entire project from concept to completion. We are able and willing to do both. We even have the web development and hosting capabilities to help our clients distribute the finished product.

For our clients, this means that they can schedule their product launches, have regular reports as to their product’s advancement and know which costs are involved in any modification decided during the project’s advancement. This provides them with a competitive advantage and lower project costs than their competitors typically do.