Company Info

In September 2010, sPearWay celebrated 18 years of innovation in the software industry!

Why is sPearWay so successful?

Pierre Frisch has clear vision and is always one to find the simplest and most unexpected solutions. As President and Director of Operations, software to him is a tool that must “work”. Code has to be clean, bugs are to be fought and deadlines have to be kept. Satisfied customers are sPearWay’s keys to success.

With his technical expertise and marketing know-how, Pierre founded sPearWay in 1992 to offer comprehensive software to serve businesses. For 4 years, sPearWay concentrated on custom software for individual businesses and port of scientific applications for the Macintosh Platform.

sPearWay’s range of operations broadened with the creation of the Canadian branch in Vancouver in 1996. Since then, Web applications with built-in electronic commerce, and Websites relying on large database systems are two of sPearWay’s major activities.

In 2011, Vlad Kolosov, a computer science graduate from Novosibirsk, Russia, enriched the development team with his knowledge of mobile application development. Vlad has become sPearWay’s lead developer, giving as much emphasis to ease of use, as to underlying features.

Vlad is a thoughtful, detailed individual. He is able to adjust his perspective in order to best meet the needs of the clients. He brings to sPearWay clean presentation, optimized interfaces, and gives the company a dynamic, youthful energy.

Vlad is a realist. He manages the technical writing team with rigorous attention to detail. Fueled by his priority to provide merchants the tools to custom design their Web catalog(s), he brings to sPearWay graphic excellence, and gives sPearWay a dynamic, youthful energy.

Carine Frisch also joined the management team in 1999 to coordinate the rest of the business’s activities, ensuring sPearWay’s smooth operation. She comes from a professional background of medical team coordination and supervision, and brings an appreciation and comprehension of (patient) customer loyalty.

As V.P of Information, her role is that of coordinating, accounting, and general personnel and office management.

Carine chairs sPearWay meetings, ensuring every opinion is voiced and fully debated. As such, she is the backbone of every company move.